Be an expert in processes, not in processing.

We specialise in Business transformation, from strategy definition till automation.


Process Mining

Discover Automation opportunities.

Examine, documente, analyze, and visualize how tasks are carried out within your organization. Uncover what steps are followed, and how data and information flow throughout processes. Prioritize for automation, and choose the best solution for short term impact.

Business Process Automation

Handle exceptions, create workflows, analyze the reporting, and train the (system) bots without any programming knowledge.

Intelligent Document Processing

Digitize incoming documents, accurately extract relevant data and trigger workflows for further routing and processing.

Robotic Process Automation

Virtual workers (robots) complete business processes, just as a person would, but in less time, with greater accuracy and at a fraction of the cost, resulting in significant ROI.

Digital Mailroom

With a digital mailroom organizations are able to automate the process of receiving, digitizing, and organizing physical mail.

Customer Communication

Ensure that your business can fully control their outbound documents like contracts, invoices and all kind of other communication.

Case Management

Orchestrate complex processes within your organization, that require a combination of human tasks and electronic workflows.


Strategic Advisory

Need help or advice with the translation of your strategic objectives into operational value drivers and requirements? Let us discover your needs and challenges and we’ll deliver solid feasible recommendations for you.

Implementation and Business Adoption

We can ensure your digital transformation by helping you with project and change management, business process optimization, RPA development resources, and more.

Process Intelligence

Process mining and business intelligence for data driven insights to unlock potential and promote growth.


Together with our customers we define the roadmap for their business process transformation program. With our intelligent automation solutions, your processes can be streamlined & automated.


Process Mining Celonis


We’re your fresh pair of eyes.

A collaboration with OptiMinds means experiencing a personalized approach tailored to your needs. Our experts are pragmatic, ambitious and talented with an optimal mix of skills, extensive experience and business knowledge.

“Extra complexity was the need for integration with different ERP systems within 1 legal entity and the SAP migration roadmap that was running in parallel. In the role of supervisor, OptiMinds was able to drive value by increasing operational efficiency.”

Arvesta groep
IT department

“OptiMinds provided insights in the actual processes, based on measurable data and information from different process stakeholders. All gathered information was centralized and assessed in a structured way. Therefore, increasing the overall process efficiency.”

Mölnycke Healthcare
Finance Department