OptiMinds offers strategic advice and implementation services in your transformation of financial, procurement and business administration processes.

Our mission is to empower our customers to become experts in processes, not processing.

How we do that?

We combine a pragmatic and personalized approach with business knowledge and experience. We use best practice versions of various methodologies and place high demands on the quality of the results and deliverables. The project result is our most important business card!

Our core values

The results we achieve and the decisions we make are in line with our core values:

Customer focus

Our ambition is to commit ourselves 100% to what’s the best for our customers. We want them to come back to us and recommend us to others. We are committed to meet our promises and commitments and believe it is essential to create added value.


Delivering clear, qualitative results is what drives us. We strive for a high level of service and do more than expected from us. We try to imagine how it could even be better. The project result is our most important business card.


We show commitment, listen, put ourselves in the customer’s specific situation, and prefer personal contact. We maintain a personalized approach and are always open to other ideas and perspectives.


We are dynamic and proactive in finding tailor-made solutions for our business partners. We are hands-on and use common sense to get things done. We never over-complicate and are always resourceful.

Our approach

  1. Understanding why

    We like to understand why our customers initiate projects and how transformation can proof added value to strategic objectives on corporate and department levels. We help you to answer the “what’s in for me” questions of different stakeholders, accelerating business adoption.

  2. Methodology, frameworks and best practices

    We believe in methodology as a success factor, so we developed different methodology frameworks based on a combination of existing tools and our own best practices. Think about business process modeling, assessment and optimization, decision models, lean management principles, project management methodologies, software selection templates, business case or ROI models, roadmaps, and much more.

  3. Analyze operational data to drive better business results

    We apply a data-driven approach for objective, detailed discovery, and analysis of the real processes and not the assumed processes. Making use of process mining software we detect inefficiencies, backlogs and waste, perform root cause analysis, variant analysis, detect automation opportunities, check compliancy, slice and dice in processes, compare processes per dimension (company, business unit, customer, supplier, resource, activity, …), measure automation rates and make what-if simulations.

  4. Empower your continuous improvement strategy

    The methodology and KPI’s or success metrics we apply can be re-used and can create continuous improvement opportunities. Our mission is to empower your human capital so they become real experts in processing, can focus on core activities, and spend less time on tasks without added value.