Aafje Healthcare

How Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has contributed to the provision of quality care.

About the customer

Aafje is a healthcare organization with its own care houses, care hotels, home care and facilitating assistance within their care houses. With over 5,000 permanent employees, approx. 1,000 flexible employees and approx. 1,500 volunteers, Aafje’s mission is; “Everything we do is aimed at letting people lead their own lives. Live the way they want it most ”. With an increasing demand for qualitative care, Aafje wants to make things as easy as possible for employees. The use of RPA helps Aafje to bring more focus and reduce administrative and repetitive tasks. “Aafje is innovative and distinguishes itself this way from other healthcare organizations. Employees have chosen not to work in health care because of the administrative work, but rather to provide qualitative care.”

“Time-saving solutions are an opportunity to relieve the burden on the back office and thus better support healthcare.”

Cees van Opijnen



In order to provide the right care and to apply the right focus, Aafje started looking for a solution that could help them automate certain processes. “We spend too much time in the Back-Office department with processing staff changes. We are confronted with time-consuming and repetitive activities every day. Time-saving solutions are an opportunity to relieve the burden on the back office and thus better support healthcare.”

How our software helps

After conducting extensive research, Aafje has chosen to use Kofax’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to automate and robotize various processes. The robots are able to mimic human actions and perform repetitive processes with many manual actions, quickly and flawlessly. “By means of RPA, we get more space executing value-adding tasks in order to be able to develop solutions for our healthcare staff.”

Why Optiminds

Aafje has come to the conclusion that RPA is the right tool to take the organization to a higher level. Ultimately, Aafje chose Optiminds as implementation partner. “We wanted to be well informed about RPA as it is a new topic for us and we still have limited knowledge of it. After having had discussions with several parties, Optiminds gave us the best impression. You could see that Optiminds is knowledgeable and their pragmatic, transparent and thorough approach gave us confidence in Optiminds. Especially when something is new for an organization, you have to be able to build on a reliable partner. ” In addition, Cees thinks that the project also went well. “From the preliminary phase to the aftercare, we have pleasant experiences with the consultants from Optiminds.” When asked whether Cees would recommend Optiminds, Cees answers: “Certainly! I would certainly recommend Optiminds because of the way of working, the clarity and communication around the activities. I am also enthusiastic in terms of commitment, knowledge level and accessibility, which is fantastic.”

RPA has already proven itself within Aafje. Looking ahead, Cees states: “Together with Optiminds we are moving to a Center of Excellence, where Optiminds transfers the knowledge and we can eventually get started with the robot and add processes ourselves. Then we can focus even more on qualitive healthcare and investigate which processes are experienced as a nuisance and can be absorbed by a robot. I will commit myself to further develop RPA within Aafje.”

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