Jan De Nul Group

The international activities of the Jan De Nul Group have a large impact on the financial ICT landscape. Financial operations of a lot of (foreign) legal entities have to be managed, monthly figures have to be consolidated and reported from different angles. In this context a tight cooperation between the financial and ICT departments is necessary.

Our functional analysts and experts act as a bridge between finance and ICT and are involved in different activities. First of all they are a conversation partner for the finance department, offer first line support and translate new business requirements into technical requirements. Seen the international business context, one of the important activities is the follow-up of changes in the country specific legal compliance regulations, such as tax and audit regularity, e-invoicing rules and Brexit impact.

The Jan De Nul Group shapes water and land. From complex offshore services for both fossil and renewable energy sectors, over large dredging and reclamation projects at the edge of water and land, to all possible civil and environmental works onshore.

Thanks to the continuous investment in people and own equipment, in combination with the intense cooperation between the different departments, Jan De Nul Group studies and executes complex multidisciplinary projects from A to Z. A total package, time after time.