Process mining discovers business processes by examining the electronic footprints (event logs) left in various IT systems. From this unstructured data process mining automatically creates a process model to enable in-depth analysis.

Fast and Cost-efficient Process Discovery & Mapping

Create a business process model at a fraction of the time and cost necessary in the traditional way. Automated business process discovery also reduces human errors in the analysis.

Detailed Process Maps for Rich and Interactive Analysis

Process maps with all the nuances of the process, statistical information, variants, process exceptions, unusual transactions, bottlenecks, deviations, and potential risks in processes.

Process Maps from Scratch Based on pattern Recognition

Discover processes without prior knowledge or specifying a process model. Process maps are created from data logged during normal execution of the process.

Bridge the “White Space” and process Knowledge Gaps

Bridge the “white space,” the process knowledge gap that exists between various systems, departments and functions and at the edges of processes.